Your business offers a particular service. Yoogage listens to tweets and matches them to your offerings. Once we present these tweets to you. You can interact directly with potential customers.


Let's say your business is a restaurant located in Orlando, Florida. Many restaurants thrive on travelers visiting Orlando. With Yoogage, you can find users that are tweeting about their plans to travel to Orlando. By engaging with users who are traveling to Orlando, you can create targeted offers that make them want to visit your establishment.

Here are some Yoogage Features

Different Categories:

Filter results by dates.

Browse for a potential customer. You can also sort by users with the most followers.

Click on a user to review their previous tweets, location, and tag them for future engagement.

Start engaging, present your pitch to the user.

Every business is different. If you can't match a category, simply use our wizard to create your own.

Successful marketing comes from word-of-mouth referrals, and social media is the new platform for word-of-mouth marketing. Yoogage elevates your social media marketing to a new level by bridging users' intent to your company's services.